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    [Denmark] : come and play Drakerys during the winter


    [Denmark] : come and play Drakerys during the winter

    Message par Tihel le Sam 26 Nov - 23:26


    My name is Mathieu, living in Vejle, a nice city in the middle of Denmark. Now entering my thirties, I still enjoy playing a lot of miniature games, mainly skirmish ones :
    Infinity : Haqqislam, Aleph, krakaje pour Pano/Yu ing/Combined
    Eden : Convoy, ISC, Khan
    Bushido : Cult of Yurei
    Helldorado : Westerners, Losts

    If you one day come to Denmark, don't hesitate, I may not have a full E5 pledge but I ll have enough (hopefully painted) to enjoy a small game (and maybe more if I listen to my little no-brain telling me to buy Elves...)

    Re: [Denmark] : come and play Drakerys during the winter

    Message par Corto le Lun 28 Nov - 11:30

    Welcome dude, if you travel to London take your minis with you and we can have a game

      La date/heure actuelle est Jeu 21 Sep - 19:38