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    Packing before CC - Jonathan Holt


    Packing before CC - Jonathan Holt

    Message par Tihel le Mar 21 Fév - 21:56


    Question from Jonathan Holt from Drakerys KS
    My buddy and I finally got around to playing this game. We had a question about the rules and didn't find the answer in the rulebook. Let's say that my buddy Charged me and he could only get in base-to-base contact with 2 of my 5 models in my unit. After he attacks and it is my turn to attack, do I get to pile in? Or do I only get to attack with the 2 guys that he is on contact with?

    My view/answer (because as late backer I cannot answer on KS...)
    If same CC round : no you don't get to pile in - to be fair with your opponent who just attacked with limited guys. And you attack with free ST Smile. Then the winner will pile in (there I don't know if it mandatory or not...)
    If you mean your turn (and you've used attack action) you do get to pile in.

    But maybe someone else has another opinion.

    Re: Packing before CC - Jonathan Holt

    Message par Corto le Sam 25 Fév - 19:48

    I read the rules the same way: the defender only gets to counter-attack with the figures in contact plus remaining support. In fact, since only the winner of the fight may reform their unit you must first win the fight, then you can pile in

    Re: Packing before CC - Jonathan Holt

    Message par Tihel le Dim 26 Fév - 11:39

    Agree  Very Happy
    - win the fight and you get a free "pile-in"
    - activate your unit, spend an attack action and pile in is included in the action.

    Re: Packing before CC - Jonathan Holt

    Message par Corto le Dim 26 Fév - 12:35

    Yes, very good point, spending stress to attack also lets you pile in

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