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Packing list for pledges

le Ven 6 Jan - 12:22
I received three shipping notifications with packing lists from the shipping company. I cannot do a direct correlation with what should be there with what is listed. My guess is that things are packed in the "conqueror pack" and "explorer pack" etc. I don't see several things such as the mercenary stretch goals the ashral vs irosia accessory set, Kae, valaria etc.

Is there a list somewhere of what we should receive with each pledge and what is each of the packs? I am sure it is all there, but just don't know what exactly I should be getting in my boxes.

Any help appreciated.

Re: Packing list for pledges

le Ven 6 Jan - 13:13
It should be in the kickstarter description. What pledge and add-ons do you have? I'm happy to help if you want, just post/pm me the info you have
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Re: Packing list for pledges

le Dim 8 Jan - 7:09
I got the elemental pledge. I made a list based on the KS page, but the packing list is different. Most things are easy to figure out, but the packing lists don't have a couple of things and then have the two packs which probably have the missing stuff.

Re: Packing list for pledges

le Mer 29 Mar - 0:43
I see on the packing list for the Elemental Pledge two items I'm not sure I understand.

PRSP9001 Drakerys: 2014 Kickstarter Explorer Pack and
PRSP9002 Drakerys: 2014 Kickstarter Conqueror Pack

What do those two items consist of? Thanks. Very pleased with everything I got and I can't wait to play.

Re: Packing list for pledges

le Mer 29 Mar - 11:40
These would be the stretch goals available for the lower pledges. The unlocked add-ons each had a level (Explorer, Conqueror or Elemental) and you should have received every single one of them, probably packed as items for the elemental-only pledges plus the other 2 packs.
The easiest way to check that you have all the items (which you should definitely do as they had many packing errors) is to make sure you have everything in the KS since you have the top pledge

I hope you find an opponent soon, the game plays very nicely.

Also if you want support painting, there is a 'Choice of Weapons' friendly competition (which is not a competition since no-one/everyone wins) in the French section which I will be happy to translate if you're interested. It's just a way of motivating each other to finish units in a given time
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Re: Packing list for pledges

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