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    Combat statistics calculator


    Combat statistics calculator

    Message par Corto le Sam 31 Déc - 21:03

    Hi all,

    You can find at a little app that will compute the probability of different outcomes given the number of dice you roll and the success threshold. It also accounts for the additional dice on critical successes and re-rolls from supporting units. So far only one of the tabs is functioning but it still gives useful information, I'll add more functionality little by little.

    Enjoy, and please let me know what you think

    Re: Combat statistics calculator

    Message par PhDashing le Mar 3 Jan - 10:17

    Looks pretty great Corto! Thanks for piecing this together and sharing with the community I love you

    Re: Combat statistics calculator

    Message par Corto le Mar 3 Jan - 11:17

    Thanks a lot. I did a small update with a new tab open. I also have corrected the fact that I used to reroll the dice coming from criticals, but re-reading the rules I noticed that they should not be rerolled. I'll add another tab in the near future with a unit selection choice

    Re: Combat statistics calculator

    Message par Nappen le Jeu 5 Jan - 6:44

    bookmarked in my new Drakerys favorites.

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